Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band Band Photo

Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band is based in Rochester, Minnesota. The bandís heritage traces back to the early 1970s when Pipe Major David Thomas formed The Mantorville Grenadiers. This band proudly carried on a tradition of "bringing bagpipe music to the people" for over 30 years. At the turn of the century, renewed interest in the Highland Bagpipes brought new people and more emphasis on the true Scottish musical expression which was led by Pipe Major Ewan Ferguson. The band was reformed under the new name of Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band (Caledonia is the Latin expression for Scotland.)

The band performs in parades and concerts throughout the year in southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and western Wisconsin. Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band is well known for the excitement it brings to its Annual Parade of Pubs throughout the city of Rochester on St. Patrickís Day. The band also competes in regional highland games, winning 1st Place (Grade 5) at the Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games in 2009, 2010 and 2011.